The Winery’s tradition

The Winery of the Castello di Verduno has a big past behind. Find out.

Between past and present

There is much history on company “Castello di Verduno” that now is the property of Gabriella Burlotto e Franco Bianco. The big history, that of Savoia and of The king Carlo Alberto, and the little history of the Burlotto and Bianco’s families, that are intertwined around a unique big passion that for the most noble grape varieties: the Nebbiolo. After fifteen years in Eritrea, in 1950 the commander Giovanni Battista Burlotto, returned to Verduno and he decided to create a food and wine meeting point food and wine meeting point with the possibility of comodation. Now the three daughters of Commander and the respectives families devote, with passion, their time to the Castello di Verduno: hotel, restaurant, winery and farmhouse.

Our Filosofy

Productions’s dedications aim to achieve wines the qualities characteristics of which are attributable to the territory of ancient winemaking tradition of which we are part. History has given reason who believed in Nebbiolo, Barolo and Barbaresco. Now are grown in quality and prestige on markets around the world.


Castello di Verduno can praise, thanks to the hectars between the hills of Verduno and Barbaresco, the more fine enologic jewelry: Barolo, Barbaresco and Verduno, a little enologic pearl fruit of vine of Pelaverga Piccolo of wich the company owns the firsts vine in purity that has been implanted into production’s zone.


The vinbeards followed with attention and expert hand of Franco. Each vines is cure, from pruning until harvest, with a target to get a good product for reach high qualitivity standard of fruit into fisiologique respect of the plant. The vinification you can define traditional, a particular way for Barolo and Barbaresco, with a fermentation on opening vat and a long aging on big casks of durmust into the Barbaresco’s winery.

The process of production is followed with passion by young oenologist Mario Andrion that, starting from Franco’s techings, has produce a new knowledge succeeding to integrate the established langarole tecniques with a little but sigificant innovation. In the last few years on the company new forces, each of the Franco’s daughters, Marcella and Giovanna. All collaborators working with an optics of minimum intervention.